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Tradoteca® ~ Translation Agency dedicated to your success!

Tradoteca Translation Agency, since 2005, specializing in translation, interpretation review, localization, copywriting, subtitles, transposing, is a reliable long-term partner for large companies and SMEs wishing to develop international professional communication in all languages of the European Union.

Established in 2005 by one translator with 2 working points, in Bucharest and Slobozia, Tradoteca® is the first professional real-time translation agency specializing in legal, financial, medical and technical fields dedicated to companies, corporations and individuals.
For more than 10 years, the team of specialized translators of Tradoteca Translation Agency has been putting any effort into providing quality translations within increasingly close deadlines.

In order to deliver projects up to our partners’ and customers’ expectations, we offer you authorized translations, certified translations, interpretation and proofreading that align rigor and style, through a quality procedure, carried out by professionals working exclusively towards their native language.

Our mission is to identify, select and manage the team of over 380 authorized certified translators competent and adaptable to the requested translation project. It is not about marketing, what we offer is a service provided at a price that allows us to retain 80% of our new customers.

For Tradoteca® team, the best indicator of customer satisfaction is fidelity. Thus, we privilege before anything else a genuine partnership transposed into duration. Most of our customers work with us from our inception, convinced by our involvement, our passion and the fact that we do our job very well.


We, at Tradoteca, form an enthusiastic and dynamic team of over 380 authorized translators, specialized in a wide range of fields, from literature, economics, human sciences to medicine and technology. We therefore have the resources to provide quality services in a short time, as required by the customer (in the case of press releases), even in real time (in the case of radio or television broadcasts).

Since 2005 we have been constantly forming and training our team of collaborators who share our values. They all work with the same state of mind and with the same pleasure and dedication.

As a result of these more than 10 years of active work in the field we dare to address any translation area by delivering in real time the translation of the requested project, offering personalized price quotations according to the budget available. Experience and extensive general scientific and technical knowledge give us the opportunity to translate into/from all foreign languages for which there is an authorized translator, large-scale documents and projects, expert textbooks or any other type of document in very varied areas and sectors such as technology, industry, health or safety, economy, trade, medicine.

The structure of the team and the management of projects within Tradoteca Translation agency® provides beneficiaries with complete translation and interpretation services, with the guarantee of quality of the services provided.

Why choose Tradoteca® Translation Agency?

1. Quality: permanent concern of Tradoteca Translation Agency
Through excellent knowledge and passion that animates our teams, rigorous quality procedure, recruitment policy and modern project management tools, Tradoteca Translation Agency considers quality our creed: quality of translations, interpretation, advice, customer relationship, listening, dialogue and communication. Due to this constant quality assessment, the team of specialized translators from Tradoteca Translation Agency managed to retain customers, much of whom have been working with our agency for more than 10 years.

2. Reactivity
Tradoteca Multilingual Translation Agency® knows the importance of living at the pace of translation services’ beneficiaries. Time is precious and the reaction of the translation service provider is essential to meet deadlines.
At Tradoteca®, the reaction comes naturally since the application submission, because you are addressed a clear and detailed estimate on time, all year round, even during summer and at the weekend.

This reactivity also is due to our project managers, whose feeling and ability to manage urgent projects are particularly appreciated by our customers. Perfectly aware of the availability of translators and interpreters, as well as their areas of specialization on each language, they are committed to finding an adapted solution and responding to each request, complying with deadlines.

On the other hand, in addition to internal teams, Tradoteca Translation Agency has a national and international network of translators and interpreters, all tested and validated.

In addition, our internal management system facilitates maintenance of a precise track record for each customer and centralization of any information necessary to process all the applications efficiently and in record time: tariffs, deadlines, translators/interpreters, reference documents, preferences and terminology records, etc.

3. Customer satisfaction
For our team the best indicator of customer satisfaction is fidelity. Thus, we privilege before anything else, genuine partnership transposed into duration. Most of our customers work with us from our inception, convinced by our involvement, our passion and the fact that we know our job. The results of our latest satisfaction survey (96% very satisfied customers, 99% satisfied with deadlines and 100% of customers would recommend Tradoteca) delighted us, but we remain vigilant to continuously improve our performance. In order to guarantee the quality of the services provided, Tradoteca team is involved at all levels:

  • Tips – you benefit from our experience in urgent and complex translation projects. Our teams are here to propose a professional solution tailored to your budget.
  • Transparency – our quotes are clear, detailed and do not include hidden fees.
  • Compliance with commitments – Tradoteca® gives precedence to promises and, in unforeseen cases, proves reactivity by proposing tailored solutions.
  • Smile – our team privileges before anything else the human dimension of interaction, a quality dialogue with a touch of good mood. Our teams are united, passionate and always ready to listen to you.

4. Privacy
Working with international organisations, authorities and private sector companies for which confidentiality is paramount (especially in areas such as police, defence, intellectual property, industry or judiciary procedures), Tradoteca Translation Agency® imposed regulation and confidentiality contracts signed by all its collaborators, both in the case of simultaneous interpretation and in the case of written translations. On the other hand, technical and computer solutions have been implemented on our entire IT base to secure all documents.

5. Permanently available 24/24, 7 days/week.


Tradoteca Translation Agency® in Bucharest Romania provides complete translation services, legalization translations, interpretation, superlegalization, localization, subtitles, editing in strict compliance with work-specific components over ten years, in over 23 languages, with prior advice and free transport, putting our mark on everything with the seriousness of carrying them out at any time, wherever you are.
The translation services offered by the Translation Agency Tradoteca, covers any language combinations, through careful, clever use of the linguistic parameters, managing to diversify the services by carrying out the most representative types of translations: certified by notary public (diplomas, birth certificates, marriage certificates, work record cards, passports, contracts, powers of attorney, court decisions, authenticated by legalization of the translator’s signature by a notary certifying that the translated document is in conformity with the original), for printing, which requires observance of conventions and rules in the target language as well as the customs at the level of lexicon, syntax, grammar, specific to the source text, standard – complying with the rules, characteristics and conventions of the source text at the specialized, updated language level, with proofreading prior to handing over with reference to the technical and editorial aspect.

We provide translation of financial information documents, in particular financial statements and management reports, annual and quarterly reports, economic analyses and prospectuses.

We also translate websites, training manuals or directives for employee use, advertising brochures, human resources documents and economic bulletins for various customers.

We translate training material for our auditors, as well as for external clients, documents related to the company’s governance for administrators, as well as programs and tools used by our accounting experts.

Tradoteca provides translation services in the economic and financial field in any European Union language. Our customers are companies that operate on the international market and need translation of economic or financial information. They need it to meet legal requirements or to their own interests.
We have translated financial statements, annual reports, audit reports, expert reports, balance sheets and accounting balances, articles of incorporation, bank statements, credit conditions, participation files and many other documents specific to the economic and financial areas. For terminology documentation we always refer to the Financial Reporting Standards, general accounting plan and the accounting regulations in force.

Representative projects:

  • “General administrative clauses” issued by the Gabonese Republic (translation from French, volume 170 pages, deadline 2 days);
  • “Financial model – Comarnic-Braşov information document” (translation from English, volume 80 pages, deadline 2 days);
  • “Regulation of public procurement, presidential decree” (French translation, volume 250 pages, deadline 4 days);
  • “Law on International Companies” Belize, edition 2000 (translation from English, 320 pages, deadline 4 days).

Translation areas

Translations in the commercial-legal field

Tradoteca offers translation services in the commercial and legal field in any language of the European Union for companies working in the commercial or legal areas, in need for translation of commercial information, either to comply with the legal requirements or to serve their own interests.
We have translated over 1000 models of commercial contracts, commercial documents for
participation in public tenders, commercial reports, requests and tenders, statements and different certificates, decisions and decrees, European legislation and rules, sentences (judicial, criminal, civil decisions), addresses to the European Court of Human Rights and many other documents specific to the commercial or legal fields.

Representative projects:

  • Court proceedings Maramureş, Institute of Forensic Medicine “Mina Minovici” “Reports of legal expertise, resolutions and memorandum” (translation into German volume 310 pages, deadline 3 days);
  • Audit and consultancy documentation Siegle+Epple Hungaria Kft and Rödl & Partner
    GmbH (Hungarian translation volume 70 pages, deadline 2 days);
  • Legal documentation Qarcata Polska company (Polish translation volume 50
    pages, deadline 2 days);
  • “Multimedia educational videos and online marketing” (French translation, 8 videos, deadline 3 days);
  • “Package leaflet and product catalogue Alcachofa – weight loss products” (translation into
    French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, volume 200 pages, deadline 3 days);

Technical translations

Tradoteca provides technical translation services in all the languages of the European Union for companies operating in the technical field, in need for translating information of technical nature.
We have translated specifications, technical manuals, technical procedures, manuals for use of machines and technical equipment, files for participation in public tenders, instruction sheets, permits and technical approvals and many other technical documents.

Representative projects:

  • “Specification, notice of supply and tender for carrying out construction works, Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria” (French translation, volume 700 pages, deadline 4 days, emergency pick-up);
  • “Glossary sheets, preparation of file for participation in auctions in Alger” (translation into
    Arabic, volume 130 pages, deadline 4 days);
  • “Technical project Lighting and communication”(German translation, volume 330 pages, deadline 5 days);
  • “Sofware Festo Tools” (English and German translation, volume 950 pages, deadline 8 days);

Translations of websites: English translation translated into French translation into French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish translation into English, French, Italian, German translation into French, English, Spanish, German translation into French, English, Spanish, German translated into French translation into French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Turkish translated into French translated into French translated into French translated into French French informative videos translation into Hungarian translation into Hungarian translation into Romanian

Our partners recommend us:

“Tradoteca is a very important partner of our studio. The services offered are fast and absolutely professional. Dorian Ciupa and his team are always kind and respond to each requirement promptly, even when the deadlines we wanted were almost unachievable.” Miruna Gheorghiu, Castel Film Studios

„We have good thoughts and thousands of thanks for the wonderful staff from Tradoteca Translation Agency. Whenever we needed a translation, we got instant help, free of charge. We remember a situation when a child under treatment at the Vienna clinic got some documents that needed to be submitted the next day first thing in the morning, otherwise the hospital costs would not have been settled. We then turned to Tradoteca, and they mobilized absolutely exemplarily and translated them for us overnight. We were able to file all documents on time and the child’s family was able to keep financial aid. So thank you, Tradoteca! You have all our admiration and the gratitude to the dozens of families you’ve helped. Magic is something you make!” Mirel Dolofan, MAGICAMP

“Professionalism, promptness, quality – that’s how I can describe the services provided by Anca’s agency. I recommend her without hesitation.” Antonina Petrescu, PPP Deputy Coordinator for CEE at Louis Berger

“Anca was one of the most dedicated professionals through her work at Tradoteca. Deadline oriented, She always takes care of the job, works hard and really enjoys team-working.” Cezar Nourescu, Co-founder at AppEngine Association:

“I had the pleasure to work with Tradoteca and all I can say about this collaboration is that they are professional, accurate and most of all, they respect the deadline, just as we expect from translating agencies.” Camelia Lazar, Warehouse Manager


Over 10,000 pages translated annually – 4,850 satisfied customers – 380 specialized translators

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